Stock Plant Pot

Though inspired by Italian terracotta pottery, the plant pots are hand thrown in Pakistan. Made using local clay which is of very high quality from River Indus basins, these large plant pots will age to a wonderful patina.

Every planter is fired at high temperatures to make it as frost resistant and they easily survive in the colder months of UK & Europe.

These frost-proof, hand-thrown terracotta plant pots can be used to house smaller plants or flowers which look pretty spilling over the rim. Even without plants, they make eye catching standalone planters for the patio or your garden.

This high quality natural planter is ideal as outdoor planter.

  • Ideal for planting large shrubs and plants
  • Frost proof
  • Supplied with drainage hole
  • Italian style planter


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These plant pots are individually thrown by hand, hence they will vary slightly in height and diameter.


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Diameter 45cm