Gardening with Children 101

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Gardening made EASY for children!

Gardening made EASY for children!


Welcome to the World of Planting in Pots! Planting Plants in Pots are an easy and fun way to bring a little bit of nature into your home or garden. Whether it’s a terracotta pot, a plastic pot, or a hanging basket, these containers provide the perfect opportunity to explore the wonders of gardening and get creative with your planting.

At Terrachi Clay, we specialise in wonderfully crafted small, mid size and large clay pots, perfect for all ages of children to explore gardening. In this blog, we will discuss the types of plant pots, how to get started, plant pot safety, and caring for and maintaining your plant pot. 

Types of Plant Pots

The three most popular types of plant pots are terracotta, plastic, and resin.


Terracotta pots are traditionally made from clay that has been fired at high heat and left to dry out. These pots are well suited to a variety of plants, from succulents and cacti to ferns and flowers.and are ideal for small succulent plants such as cacti and aloes. Terracotta is particularly good at helping regulate soil temperature, which helps promote healthy root systems. 


Plastic pots are a great choice for those wanting a low-maintenance option as they are both lightweight and durable. They are also more cost effective compared to other materials and come in a wide range of colours and shapes.


Resin is a great choice for outdoor plants as it is a waterproof material and therefore protects plants from the rain. It is also very lightweight and comes in bright, modern patterns which can really brighten up an outdoor space. 

Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets are an ideal choice for those wanting to display plants in an interesting and unique way. They are versatile, easy to set up and come in a variety of different styles and sizes. The only potential downside with hanging baskets is that they can require more maintenance than other types of Plant Pots.

Get Started with Plant Pots

Gardening with plant pots can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for a six-year-old. Not only does it provide children with the opportunity to explore the outdoors, but it can be educational and fun. Planting different types of plants in a pot can help them to learn about nature, the environment, and how to look after plants. 

Additionally, there are lots of fun activities that can be done around plant pots, such as making decorations for them or making-up stories about the plants. To get started with plant pot gardening, you will need basic tools such as a potting mix, some compost, water, and a trowel. Remember, gardening should be fun so make sure to include the kids in the process and let them be creative.

Plant Pot Safety

Having a little gardener in the family comes with a lot of responsibility. Plant pots need to be placed in a safe and secure spot to avoid any accidents, and always make sure to look out for small stones, sticks, or other sharp items that could potentially harm a child. It is also important to choose the right size and shape of pot, as the wrong one could create the perfect conditions for root rot.

Plant Pot Positioning

It is important to be aware of where you position your Plant Pot. The ideal spot will depend on each individual plant, as some may require more sunlight or shelter than others. 

Choosing the Right Plant Pot

When choosing a Plant Pot, it is important to consider the size, material and shape depending on the plant and space you are working with. For example, if you are planting a fern that is relatively large then you will require more space in a Plant Pot than a small succulent.

Common Plant Pot Hazards

It is also important to be aware of a range of potential hazards associated with Plant Pots, such as root-bound plants, which can create problems over time. Lastly, never forget the importance of checking for any pests such as ants, aphids, or mealybugs. These can quickly ruin a plant and should be taken care of straight away.

Care and Maintenance

Once your plant pot is set up and planted, it is important to ensure that it is taken care of properly.


When it comes to watering, it is important to know how much and how often is best for each plant. Over or under-watering can both be dangerous to plants, so make sure you take into account the individual plant’s requirements.


Fertilising is essential for healthy plants. It helps to boost the performance of a plant, making them healthier and more resilient. When selecting a fertiliser, make sure you pick one that is suitable for the type of plant you are caring for.


Pruning a plant helps to reduce the size and promote growth. It is important to get to know the plant’s individual pruning requirements. By pruning plants, it helps keep them in a vibrant and healthy state.


In conclusion, plantations in flower pots can be a fun and educational activity for children of all ages. It allows them to explore the outdoors, have fun and learn about nature in an interactive way. With the right tools, safety awareness and maintenance, Plant Pots from Terrachi Clay are a great way for six year olds to get closer to nature.

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