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Who We Are

Terrachi Clay is one of the biggest and most diverse manufacturer & exporter of clay products from Pakistan with clients across globe. 

We make a wide range of terracotta plant pots, and we are proud of the fact that our products have been exported to UK & Europe for the past many decades.

From rustic, red terracotta, to giant rimmed tree pots, we have got everything you need to add warmth to your landscape. We supply plant pots of all shapes and sizes, but we are particularly known for our large terracotta planters, which make the perfect statement even in the busy city life.

All of the terracotta garden pots you see are frost-proof. We are certain that our pots will not succumb to extreme cold weather because of the methods we use during our kiln firing process; premium river clay fired at extremely high temperatures to create terracotta designs that are incredibly durable and withstand the most adverse weather conditions.

As well as being tough, sturdy and robust, our large terracotta pots and planters are also incredibly attractive. There is nothing quite like the eye-catching look and feel of terracotta, which is why these products have been very popular in the UK and beyond for decades. We’re confident that our large terracotta garden pots will suit any garden design, regardless of whether you’re trying to achieve a traditional or contemporary look. They are familiar, versatile and can be used to house all kinds of wonderful flora, so you’re free to get creative!

We are ISO 9001 certified & specialise in making clay bricks, pavers and terracotta pots with manufacturing facilities in Karachi and across Pakistan.

We only deal in bulk terracotta pots.

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Our Range

Pots, Planters & Urns

Terracotta Pots are made by skilled craftsmen, using century old techniques.

Different shades of clay is used which undergoes special firing processes to give each terracotta planter its own beautiful original appearance, coloraturas and outstanding durability.

These plant pots made of natural clay are porous and breathable creating humidity around your plants. The terra cotta material absorbs then releases moisture creating humidity around plants that help them thrive in wet, dry or cold climates.

We have a dynamic range of plant pots, including large plant pots, terracotta pots in medium sizes, large terracotta plant pots & a huge variety of large flower pots to suit different requirements. 

Tall Terracotta Planter
Large Terracotta Planters

Why Us

We are passionate about terracotta pots, planters, urns and vases and we want to be able to help you achieve your best. We can work with all styles of clients from plant pot traders & planter wholesalers to garden centers. We can also work with terracotta pottery designers; together with innovative and creative minds we can help you create garden spaces that are both elegant and functional!

We are ISO 9001 certified & specialise in making clay bricks, pavers and terracotta pots with manufacturing facilities in Karachi and across Pakistan.

We are uniquely placed to service the demands of  international clients worldwide.

Contemporary Designs

These classical and contemporary plant pot designs sit well in many different garden styles; terrace, courtyard or English country garden. They look stunning planted with flowering shrubs, bedding plants or bulbs.

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Worldwide Customers

We are humbled to have happy customers across globe including the US, China, Japan, Australia, UK & Europe.

ISO 9001 certified


We strive to exceed our customers’ quality expectations and have shown our commitment to quality by mandating that all aspects of our production and office facility conform to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

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