All garden pots whether, terracotta pots or any large terracotta pots are individually crafted from some of the worlds finest clays mined right here in River Indus which have been lovingly treated each day during processing techniques.

These large terracotta pots are made by following a critical process of clay extrusion, which removes all the air in the clay & helps terracotta pot achieve it’s strength!

Finally, these large outdoor planters are finished by hand by the skilled artisans to apply different designs to achieve its unique look.

Our large garden pots along with their classic designs are tough enough to withstand extreme winters. Produced in traditional wood fired kilns by generations of skilled craftsman to create high quality large plant pots.

This high quality natural planter is ideal as an outdoor planter.

  • Ideal for planting trees, large shrubs and plants
  • Frost proof
  • Supplied with drainage hole
  • Italian style planter


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50 cm