Belly pot set of 4 made 100% natural clay

Welcome to the Terrachi Clay Belly Terracotta Pot – the perfect way to bring a touch of Tuscan charm to your garden. Our beautiful pots are hand thrown in Pakistan and fired to 1080°C to make them as frost resistant as possible. The terracotta has a wonderful patina that will only improve with time, as the salts slowly leach to the surface.

These well-proportioned terracotta pots are the perfect choice for packing with clusters of plants. Fill them with scented culinary herbs or bright blooms to freshen up a garden wall or bring a burst of color to an outdoor seating area. And for year-round interest in any spot, plant up a miniature rockery with some sempervivums and add a scattering of pebbles. Each pot has a drainage hole for outdoor use and is supplied as part of a set of 4.

As they are individually hand-thrown, the pots will vary slightly in height and diameter from batch to batch, so please be aware the measurements are approximate. So why not bring a bit of Tuscan-inspired charm to your garden with the Terrachi Clay Belly Terracotta Pot – available now as a set of 4.


Diameter x Height
Ø 40 x H 28cm
Ø 34 x H 26cm
Ø 27 x H 22cm
Ø 20 x H 18cm