Small Pots

Terrachi Clay has created simple designs to highlight the beauty of your floral arrangements. Terrachi Clay’s elegant small pots & vases compliment any setting and are a wonderful addition to your home, business, or event. Our line is truly dynam­ic and inspired by nature. Terrachi Clay vases, terracotta pots and small pots are carried in garden centers, nurseries, and home décor stores across North America, Europe & Asia.

Indoor Decorative Pots
Decorative table top planters are small and meant for indoor use where they complement the decor and furniture. They are often not frost proof. Many of them come with attached saucers, but should not be places directly on wooden or easily damaged surfaces without some kind of feet or pad underneath such as cork or felt.

Mini Succulent Pots Bulk
This collection of Mini Succulent Pots Bulk will add natural beauty to your home without the tiresome labor that most other plants require to survive. Very little water is needed and these Mini Succulents are much harder to kill! Make your special day unforgettable with a gorgeous display of Mini Succulent Pots Bulk. They make for beautiful wedding centerpieces and decorations and are ideal as party favors and Succulents Gifts for your guests.

Try creating your very own fairy garden! Choose from a plethora of sizes, colors, and textures of Mini Succulent Pots Bulk and pair them with your choice of decorations and accents. Succulent Pots add natural beauty and elegance any room in your home. Display our Mini Succulent Plants in plant holders, wall mounts, geometric glass vases, or even in a live wreath – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

A collection of Mini Succulent Pots Bulk will add colorful and exotic natural beauty to your home or office decor without the tiresome labor that most other house plants require to survive. Succulents come in an endless variety of shapes, colors, textures, and sizes. If you want something different from the usual greenery, you have an entire rainbow of colors to choose with Succulent Pots. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination display them in a plant holder, a wall mount, a geometric glass vase, or even in a live wreath. Because of their amazingly low care requirements, this Mini Plant Pots can even make the perfect desk centerpiece for your office

Wholesale Small Planters and Garden Decor
The red clay and terracotta clay flower pots available in sets are one of the most sought planters on the planet – everyone immediately understands its timeless design & handy sizes. This means that no DIY retailer or garden center is complete without these traditional planters on their shelves.

We are pleased to offer the world’s finest examples of these simple terra cotta pots as a core part of our collection, and we offer a wide range of ways to purchase them – these clay pots are offered in mixed display pallet configurations as well.

Simply put, we are capable of servicing the red clay needs of accounts ranging in size from large chains to small pottery wholesalers and everything in between.

Many of our terra cotta flower pots (6” diameter and larger) are specifically engineered to enhance both the quality and the durability of these incredible pots.

Their design & thickness ensures that the weight of the set of stacked pots is distributed evenly during transit. This helps to reduce breakage claims and shrinkage across the category. The rim found on the largest flower pots is designed to help keep the most vulnerable part of the clay pot (the rim) from chipping and cracking, as it distributes the force from various impacts

Our hand-finished terra cotta pots are made from a red clay unique to the Indus region of Pakistan. Our pots consist of thinner-walled pots that are machine-made, lightweight and inexpensive, and also high quality, hand-packed terra cotta pots that are very thick, heavy, and sturdy.

Wholesale Planters and Garden Decor
Terrachi Clay is a manufacturer, wholesale exporter of pottery, planters, and backyard decor to Spain, Italy and several international locations. Our factories produce lovely and properly-crafted backyard merchandise that leads the industry in design and color.

Terrachi Clay exports garden pottery and decor to its clients across the globe. Most of our customers are garden facilities, mass-market nurseries & DIY stores. Our company focus is geared toward the professional garden facilities & terra cotta pots wholesalers.

We can also facilitate the delivery of direct export containers a great deal of our pottery to your prospects. This option can save the customer a significant amount of money and is strongly encouraged for large garden centers.

Feel free to contact us to request our catalog and receive free quotation.

  • Almanda Almanda Quick View
    • Almanda Almanda Quick View
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    • Almanda
    • All garden pots whether, terracotta pots or any large terracotta pots are individually crafted from some of the worlds finest clays mined right here in River Indus which have been lovingly treated each day during processing techniques. These large terracotta pots are made by following a critical process of clay extrusion, which removes all the air in the clay &…
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  • Stock Plant Pot Quick View
    • Stock Plant Pot Quick View
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    • Stock Plant Pot
    • Though inspired by Italian terracotta pottery, the plant pots are hand thrown in Pakistan. Made using local clay which is of very high quality from River Indus basins, these large plant pots will age to a wonderful patina. Every planter is fired at high temperatures to make it as frost resistant and they easily survive in the colder months of…
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