Rhubarb Forcer – Set of 2

Introducing the Terrachi Clay Rhubarb Forcer – an attractive and practical garden companion. Not only does this forcer provide a practical purpose for growing your rhubarb, chicory, and asparagus earlier, but its classic good looks make it an ideal garden ornament for your vegetable garden or herbaceous borders.

Fired to 1080°C, your Terrachi Rhubarb Forcer will be frost resistant and ready to withstand the cold winter months. With its detachable lid, it’s easy to use, and the natural lime granules present in the terracotta clay will help bind it to make it a stronger pot.

We understand that no two pots will be the same, as they are all hand-thrown and so will vary slightly in height and diameter. We also want to assure you that any white specks in the terracotta are natural lime granules and that the clay may occasionally split, but this should not affect the strength of the pot. So, why not add a bit of style to your garden with the Terrachi Clay Rhubarb Forcer – your friendly and practical garden companion.

Terrachi Clay sells Terra cotta Rhubarb Forcer in set of 2. If you are interested in getting them, please feel free to reach out to us.

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