Strawberry Jar – Single

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The Terrachi Clay Strawberry Jar is a unique and elegant take on terracotta pots, specially designed for growing strawberries. Featuring multiple planting holes, it allows the fruit to cascade down the sides for an eye-catching display. The extra-wide neck allows for additional planting up top, giving you the best chance at a generous harvest from a small growing space.

The pot is made using Pakistani clay, fired to 1080°C for improved frost resistance. Hand-thrown, it will vary slightly in height and diameter from batch to batch, adding to the charm and character. As it ages, salts will leach to the surface for an antiqued patina. And with drainage holes, your strawberries will be kept off the ground away from pests and the improved circulation ensures fruit stays fresh.

For the strawberry enthusiast, the Terrachi Clay Strawberry Jar is a perfect choice. As friendly and helpful as it is beautiful, it’s sure to bring a smile to your garden.

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1 review for Strawberry Jar – Single

  1. Sussane Anderson

    Suits perfectly to grow my herbs!

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