Growing Chamomile with your children

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Growing your own Chamomile!

Are you looking for an unusual way to keep your kids entertained and teach them about the joys of gardening? If so, growing a chamomile lawn may be just the perfect activity. Not only is it easy to grow, it’s also incredibly rewarding and can provide a wonderfully fragrant and colourful addition to your garden.

Chamomile is a fully hardy perennial flower that produces a delightful tea once its flowers are wilted and dried. It’s also an attractive perennial, with finely divided feathery leaves that are highly fragrant when touched or crushed. For an even greater fragrance, try adding small amounts of freshly chopped leaves to cream sauces.

When it comes to growing your own chamomile lawn, there are two easy methods you can use. The first is to buy a packet of seed specifically marked “Chamomile Lawn” or “Chamomile Lawn Mix”. These seeds are mixtures of several cultivars, including some that don’t flower. The other option is to buy non-flowering cultivars of this herb, which are ideal for creating the perfect lawn.

Creating a chamomile lawn with your kids is a really easy and rewarding activity. Begin by preparing a sunny spot with well-draining soil then, lightly broadcast the seeds. You don’t need to cover them with soil, just gently press them in – an activity that children are often willing to help with!

Keep the bed slightly moist and weed-free until the seedlings emerge, then thin them out to the recommended distances. Your chamomile lawn should start to bloom within 8-10 weeks and should give you years of enjoyment and aromatic pleasure!

If your kids have a passion for gardening, then growing a chamomile lawn is a fantastic way of teaching them all about the joys of gardening and nature. What’s more, they’ll have created something that provides both aesthetic beauty and a wonderful aroma to your garden!

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